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Montage of roof windows

We supply and install roof windows. We will bring sun to your loft. We are installing wood and plastic windows, Velux, Roto, Facro trademarkt. We also replace your roof windows.

Paintings services, renovation of wood facing

We provide painting services, grinding and impregnating wood constructions.

Producing and installing window ledges 

Chimney bridge

We produce and install special custom chimney bridges for safety chimney sweeper access


Work in high

Snow removing from roofs, icicle dispose


Install roof insulation

We are installing roof insulation, included of calculation. We also install over rafter insulation (tm. Thermodach, TOPDEK, BramacTherm, THERMO-LINE). It is modern method of roof insulation, increase of inner space advantage.

Mason works

We also built new chimney or garden pavement.


Gypsum board installation

We built dividing walls by gypsum boards, we realise gypsum board ceiling.


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