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Brcak Carpentery Prague Czech RepublicWe are providing roofing works for all types of assembled roofs on new building, as well as reconstruction of old roofs, the same as roof window installation. Don´t hesitate to discuss with me the best choice for your project.

The consultation and price calculation is free.

We realize:

Inclined roofs

  • Burning roofing material (Tondach, Roben)
  • Concrete roofing material (Bramac, KM Beta)
  • Light assembly roofs (Cembrit, Eternit)
  • Canadian shingle (Iko)
  • Steal roofs Lindab
  • Alluminium assembly roofs Prefa

Flat plane roofs

  • Hydroisolating foil, bitumen asfalt tapes


Roof making works

  • Turnkey roofs - We will realize complete roof from wall plate to lightning conductor
  • Roofs reconstruction and repairing
  • Repairs of all high reminded roof types
  • Replace of roof material
  • Roof window installation , for ex.. Roto, Velux mark
  • Roof cleaning
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Butter replacing
  • Roof elements painting

We are able to secure ecological roof material disposal.


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